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What makes a MapChick map & travel guide so special?

Restaurant recommendations

While researching the new Riviera Maya map, we sampled nearly 150 restaurants—everything from street vendors to elegant dining. To get an honest experience, we sit down like average tourists, enjoy a meal (hopefully), pay, then head on our way to write our reviews.

Left: Perry & Laura enjoying some fantastic sliders at lunch.

Center: Sometimes we get ripped off (this tiny portion of ceviche was from an expensive restaurant; the heaping portion at right was from a rustic beachfront hut—an added bonus, buried inside were two grilled lobster tails.

Transportation guides and directions

Our Riviera Maya guide has an entire map dedicated to using public transportation. Getting around the Yucatan is convenient and easy once you understand how the system works.
Detailed maps of bus stations, colectivo van stops, and taxi stands in each city along the coastline.
Perry checking taxi fares for various destinations along the coast.

Resorts, hotels, hostels, and rental properties

The Riviera Maya series shows over 100 places to stay, ranging from the large resorts along the Riviera Maya (some are shown at right) to the rental properties of Akumal (example below), and our personal favorites, the small, budget hotels located in quaint coastal cities.

Attractions and entertainment,options

Mayan ruins, the best beaches, amazing beach clubs, tours, and snorkeling. We cover it all so you'll be able to get the most out of your vacation time. You'll even find detailed, self-guided tours of major attractions like the Tulum Mayan ruins shown at right.

Left: Our favorite, isolated stretches of beach is easy to reach using public transportation.
Right: Laura exploring a rarely visited Mayan temple located walking distance from the main highway.

Free online travel guide with
tips and printable downloads

Cancun Vacation Planner

Most travel guides that you purchase in a book store are loaded with generic information about a destination—we offer that information (and more) for free in our online vacation planner. This way we can dedicate the information in our maps to those important items like best restaurants, interesting attractions, and hidden beaches. Click on the page below and browse through hours of information.
P.S. Don't forget to download your free fish identification guide in pdf format.

Perry's whirlwind
Mayan adventure

Laura and I have had a lot of incredible experiences researching the Yucatan peninsula; this one is definitely among my favorites.

Part One, “The invite”

My last meal of the day, 8pm, at a new restaurant in the resort town of Akumal, Mexico. It was a day that began at 6am with a long colectivo van ride (like small buses) from Tulum, Mexico, north to Puerto Aventuras, Mexico.

No bicycle on this day, I depended upon my feet and a few taxi rides. I had already dined at seven restaurants, but the bulk of those were around lunchtime. In the afternoon I walked miles of beachfront, some lined with beautiful sand, but most nothing but rocky shoreline dotted with rental properties. For the first time in days I was actually hungry and this restaurant was one I had never tried. A cerveza (beer) is definitely in order.

   My cerveza Sol (a favorite brand) was brought to me teeth-chilling cold and with a broad smile by my waiter, Wilburt. I was the only patron, so Wilburt and I shared some conversation on a beautiful night (This is how so many close friendships begin in the Yucatan). After enjoying a nice meal, Wilburt mentioned that he had three days off and was going home to his village for a visit—I was welcome to join him.

Like many Mexicano’s who work in the resort areas, Wilburt leaves his family behind, shares housing with others in a similar situation, and returns to the village to take money and spend time with his family—a family that I would eventually learn included a beautiful wife and two small children.

In Mexico, public transportation is abundant. Vans leave from larger cities throughout the day destined for dozens of tiny villages, some up to four hours away. Wilburt was catching the last van from Tulum (the same city I was staying in) at 10pm. I wasn’t going to be able to travel this evening, but I promised to join him the following morning.
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Customer comments

A lot of work goes into these maps and guides, and nothing pleases us more than to hear about your travel experiences.

Please let us know what you think of your maps, plus any information that could help your fellow travelers (new, or closed, restaurants; fun events; great tours; etc.).

We also love those photos of our map family using the maps during their travels—please keep those coming.

The Hog family from Alaska are big fans of the maps. Even their toy robot gets in on the travel planning.
Taking a break from a self-guided bicycle tour to check for that next incredible attraction.
A map customer reads about the Mayan ruins while resting atop an ancient temple.
Janis, Bill, and Howard plan their days activities while exploring near the Chichen Itza Mayan ruins.
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Excellent All Around

Reviewer: Jeremy Eggleston from New York, NY United States

MapChick included 4 separate maps of our destination, Isla Mujeres, Mexico. The maps arrived two days ahead of scheduled regular delivery, and the price was great. Overall, I give my highest recommendation to MapChick---I couldn't find maps of the island this detailed and up-to-date, including several tour paths to take while vacating. I will DEFINITELY be ordering from them again for our next trip.

Taxi drivers need the restaurant portion

Reviewer: Jodi Todd from Snellville, GA United States

Super helpful! I couldn't believe how many taxi drivers had no idea where some of the restaurants were. Luckily, we were able to show them. Loved the tips and recommendations.

Maps of Playa del Carmen

Reviewer: Sharon McKiever from Corydon, IN United States

The maps are easy to read and very informative, saved me a lot of time by doing the research for me. I definitely recommend these maps

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