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Cozumel map and travel guide
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Cozumel restaurant guide
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You may visit Cozumel for a day on a cruise ship, or spend an entire week diving or enjoying a resort. Either way our Cozumel map & travel guide will help you get the most out of your hours on this beautiful island.

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Getting acquainted with Cozumel map
Cozumel Map
Map 1,
side A
Most attractions, shopping, and restaurants are located near the cruise ship piers and downtown Cozumel (the city is actually named San Miguel). This map helps you decide if any of those attractions are for you, or you'd prefer to take a tour around the island. The map includes walking distances; car, scooter, and bicycle rental information; dive shop; snorkeling; plus a walking tour of downtown that will take you past all the major attractions like the local markets that most tourists never see.
Cozumel hotel map

Map 1,
side B
One of Cozumel's highlights are the incredible beach clubs.. To get away from the crowds, it's best to take a trip to the remote east side of the island. The beaches aren't perfect on this side, and the waves are rough, but the thatched-roof restaurants offer that laid-back Caribbean atmosphere that offers the perfect place to relax. You'll also find a complete description of tours and attractions along the way.
Cozumel map

Map 2,
side A
From rustic, locals restaurants, to trendy establishments that cater to the islands wealthier visitors, Cozumel offers something for every taste. This map shows are favorites in the downtown area including places where you can feast on the poisonous-barbed Lionfish that has invaded area reefs.
Cozumel hotel map

Map 2,
side B
A complete map and guide to hotels and condominiums on the island. Most hotels are located along the calm western shore; only one hotel currently exists on the remote eastern shore. In the downtown area you'll find dozens of budget hotels, hostels, and rental homes.
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