Airport transportation: Private van transfers

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This is the fastest and most comfortable way to get from the airport to your hotel and get that vacation started. The farther away from the airport, the more time private service will save you over shared transportation. There are dozens of companies providing service, but the three most respected online are Canada Transfers, CARM (Cancun and Riviera Maya), and USA Transfers.

Choosing a transportation company

If price is your main concern, Canada Transferss often about $5us below the competition. They are new to the business and made a move to drive down fares—great for the customer, but difficult for the business trying to pay for gas and maintain vans.

Trina from CARM has been in the business since 2005 working for another company. Several years ago she struck out on her own and has a loyal following of clients—mainly because the customer service is second to none.

USA transfers is the grandaddy of them all and perhaps the largest company. They still offer quality service, however customer service, should there be a problem, may not be as good as the other two competitors. USA has a concession to park right at the terminal; Canada Transfers and CARM drivers wait off-property until they are called to pick you up (it just takes a second).

Extra transportation services available

Canada Transfers began making cervezas (beers) available in the van, and other companies followed, but companies have been informed that this is against airport policy and they are no longer permitted to do it. Canada Transfers and CARM offer free bottled water on your trip.

If you are extra thirsty, and you have a long drive, you may want to tip the driver to stop at a convenience store along the way. You can purchase drinks and snacks to enjoy enroute to the hotel.

Chart comparing private transportation companies
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