Airport transportation: Shared transportation

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Although this is a great way to get from airport to hotel, we no longer recommend it for travelers who are purchasing their own airport transfers. Private transfers are only a few dollars more, and for longer distances—or families—it is often cheaper.

If you purchased a complete travel package, it will probably include shared transportation—not a problem, you'll still get to your destination, it just might take a few additional minutes compared to private transfers.

Waiting, waiting, waiting

The only drawback to shared transfers is the waiting. After a long flight, the last thing we want to do is sit in a van and wait for additional passengers to arrive before we can depart. but there's another wait that can be even more frustrating when you are anxious to put your toes in the sand—waiting to drop off other passengers. Most vans will make a total of 4 to 5 stops at various hotels. If you are among the first, you are lucky; among the last, and you'll wish you'd purchased a private transfer.

How it works:

As you exit the terminal, you'll see dozens of drivers holding signs from the various companies. Find the sign for your company, hand them your travel voucher, and they'll escort you to the van. It's always nice to tip the driver and those who help with your luggage.

How to purchase:

You'll get the best price if you purchase this transportation online before your vacation.

BestDay is a full-service travel agency. Their site can be a bit overwhelming because they are trying to offer you everything.

Yellow Transfers (www.yellowtransfers) is easy to use. Make sure to purchase in advance, transportation is more expensive at the airport.

Chart comparing shared vs private transfers
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