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Tulum map & travel guide — a five map set

This five map series covers the Riviera Maya coastline from the southern border with Playa del Carmen (sold as its own map) to the city and beach areas of Tulum. It includes Akumal, Chemuyil, Coba Mayan ruins, Paamul, Puerto Aventuras, Soliman Bay, Tankah, the Mayan ruins of Tulum, Tulum city, and the incredible Tulum beachfront.
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Map 1A: Getting to Know Tulum

Tulum has five main parts, Tulum city, Tulum Mayan ruins, the north beach zone, Punta Piedra, and the south beach zone. This map introduces you to all these areas; plus surrounding attractions like the Coba Mayan ruins, Muyil Mayan ruins, and the Muyil lagoon tour (river float).
Getting acquainted with Tulum and surrounding attractions

Map 1,
side A

Map 1B: Tulum city hotels

Among the nearly 150 hotel options in Tulum city you'll find trendy, eco-chic hotels, upscale hotels, hostels, and condominium rentals. No matter what your budget, you'll find something in your price range in Tulum city—and it's all located just a short taxi ride from the most beautiful beaches in the Riviera Maya.
tulum city hotel map

Map 1,
side B

Map 2A: Tulum City services and attractions

From transportation options to boutique shops, this map covers all the services and attractions you'll need to get the most out of a visit (or week) in Tulum city. It's a fun place to visit, especially at night when the restaurants and bars (shown on map 2b) are filled with tourists.
tulum city services and attractions

Map 2,
side A

Map 2B: Tulum city restaurants and nightlife

Dining in Tulum city offers something for every taste—and budget! On this map we share our favorites, from a place to get excellent lobster (or ceviche) on a budget, to upscale and trendy dining options that will provide a memorable vacation experience—we love Tulum!
tulum city restaurants and nightlife

Map 2,
side B

Map 3A: Tulum's north beach and Punta Piedra

This beautiful stretch of beach–lined with excellent restaurants and beach clubs—begins only steps from the Tulum Mayan ruins. Take a snorkel tour to the reef that passes in front of the ruins for photos—awesome!

tulum's north beach and punta piedra

Map 3,
side A

Map 3B: Tulum's south beach zone

This wide stretch of palm-lined beach is the most beautiful in the entire Riviera Maya.
Overlooking the beach are rustic cabañas (rustic on the outside, often elegant on the inside), and incredible beach clubs. The jungle side of the beach road is home to upscale restaurants with dramatic lighting among the trees—Tulum at night is a magical experience.
tulum's south beach area

Map 3,
side B

Map 4A: Riviera Maya (Playa del Carmen to Akumal)

There are so many incredible attractions in the southern Riviera Maya, we had to divide it into two maps (continued on Map 4B). In this section you'll find our favorite cenotes (pools of water fed by underground rivers) and the village of Puerto Maya. We visit the village for a ride in a MotoTaxi (motorcycle taxis), and to enjoy incredible dining on a budget.
riviera maya (playa del carmen to akumal)

Map 4B: Riviera Maya (Akumal to Tulum)

Mayan ruins and adventure parks are the highlights in this area. Everyone knows about the Tulum Maya ruins, but there's another small site with an incredible feature that few know of. A thatched-roof shack on the beach–shaded by towering palms–is our dining highlight for this section of the Riviera Maya.
riviera maya (akumal to tulum)

Map 4,
side B

Map 5A: Puerto Aventuras and Puerto Maya

At night, restaurants in the marina area of Puerto Aventuras are beautifully lit. It's the perfect place for a relaxing stroll, or dinner and a drink. The Puerto Maya community located inland from the highway offers a touch of locals life with a few great restaurants (at budget prices).
puerto aventuras and puerto maya

Map 5B: Akumal

From snorkeling Akumal bay and Yal-Ku lagoon, to our favorite restaurants and transportation. This map provides all the information you'll need to explore this small oceanfront community (and the pueblo located inland).
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